Hyundai Electrified Streamliner IONIQ 6

Shaping the new era of EVs | The next stop in our EV journey.

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Electrified Streamliner leading the new era
A space that awakens your potential. Simple yet Sensuous streamlined silhouette with a mindful cocoon-shaped interior.ioniq6 parametric pixel lights pc

Feel the new standard for dynamic driving of EV
Aesthetic curves and aerodynamic front design minimize air resistance, leading to smooth and dynamic driving.ioniq6 parametric pixel lights 2 pc

Mindful Personal Space

ioniq6 interior pc

The latest in our EV evolution.

Behold the the newest leap forward in electric mobility, the IONIQ 6. The clean simple lines and purely aerodynamic form reflect the Hyundai designers' commitment to satisfy both the aesthetic and functional needs of our customers. Discover the unique and timeless design of the next generation of EVs.

ioniq6 electrically accessible woman taking vlog in ioniq6 pc 6

Electrically accessible Vehicle-to-Load (V2L)
V2L is the innovative feature of IONIQ 6 that allows you to plug in electrical devices and appliances into the power outlet from inside or outside of your car.

ioniq6 man leaning on charging ioniq6 pc 6

400V/800V Multi Ultra-Fast Charging
Stress-free driving for any destination. Complete charging before your ice cream melts! With the ultra-fast 800V battery system, you can charge 10% to 80% capacity in under 18 minutes.

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Hyundai Electrified Streamliner IONIQ 6

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